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This Tumblr is meant to serve as a minimalistic, personal blog for recording events and memories. One day, hopefully, it may evolve into a more useful promotional tool for my writing and illustrations, so don't be surprised if they show up somewhere here as well.

I'm a journalism student, a professional gardener, and a disgruntled bookseller. I enjoy coffee, vintage lunchboxes, and Satan (lol, JK. No, actually, double JK, that's true). Polar bears are also quite nice.

So welcome all, to my tiny niche in this enormous web.

~Leah Dearborn


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Dream 05/10/14

I dreamed that I visited the Sistine Chapel, and it was really amazing. Then I was in New Orleans, and I wanted to visit this other church I had read about, but it wasn’t as cool; it kind of reminded me of a hospital, and there were all these people in it, wearing 1950s style clothes. 

There was also some stuff about a car accident with this girl in a yellow VW Bug, but that’s a little less clear. It had something to do with her friend wanting to move out of New York, and they got in a fight, and she sped away (think this was provoked by witnessing a fatal car crash the night before). 


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It’s an owl!!!….Strawberry???

Not sure if owl colored like strawberry…
or strawberry carved to look like owl.